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Laundry Science

Treat effectively yellowish stains of sunscreen on your precious clothing!

Our Scientific partners offer you a solution to every problem concerning the cleanliness and hygiene of your clothing.

Fresh Ideas

Our extensive experience and young people with fresh ideas, modern & in complete harmony, is our advantage for successful & effective serving the needs of the new reality.

Research and development

Our goal is to always be in the center of technological achievement so we constantly invest in research. The result of this choice is to develop innovative and pioneering products that provide solutions to the problems of hygiene and cleanliness faced daily by professionals.


For us, people are in the limelight. Their desire to live in a green world is our desire. For this reason we produce products based on raw materials which are environmentally friendly and fully biodegradable. Apply production methods completely compatible with the standards of eco-management and EU legislation.

Tailor made solutions

The people of Hotelware appreciate and recognize the diversity and the specific needs of each customer. We create customized solutions based on their own requirements and we are helpers in every aspect of his business.


For us the sale does not complete cycle. The support that follows it, is for the partners of Hotelware sustainable case. Each product is accompanied by our array of services. Technical support, training, live support.

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